Breasley Mattresses

Breasley mattresses are made in Ilkeston in Derbyshire and offer a wide range of options in store and online.

Breasley mattresses come with

  • 5-year guarantee
  • Foams made without ozone depleters, maintained by CertiPUR-EU safety standards
  • IFS Certification – Fire testing

With a wide range of options, you can choose the best Breasley mattress for you whether you need relaxing, cooling comfort or specific support, you will find a solution to help you sleep well.

While the extensive Breasley range includes all the following, online you will find our Breasley UNO Comfort collection at your fingertips.

Breasley UNO Comfort Collection

The Breasley UNO Comfort Collection is built to be customised with your needs in mind.  This range offers you a choice of comfort and budget. 

Amidst the uncertainty and changes of today's world it's now more important than ever to be able to get a good night sleep!

  • Breasley UNO Comfort Memory Pocket Mattress
  • Breasley UNO Comfort Memory Pocket 2000 Mattress
  • Breasley UNO Comfort Memory Pocket Firm Mattress
  • Breasley UNO Comfort Pocket Mattress
  • Breasley UNO Comfort Pocket Firm Mattress
  • Breasley UNO Comfort Sleep Mattress
  • Breasley UNO Comfort Sleep Firm Mattress
  • Breasley UNO Comfort Sleep Memory Mattress
  • Breasley UNO Comfort Sleep Memory Plus Mattress

Plus here is a brief overview of the rest of the Breasley Mattresses available

The Breasley Salus Collection

This is a fine collection of temperature and comfort regulating designs with its Cloud Copper Foam and enhanced comfort and suppleness built throughout.

  • Breasley Salus Felicity Mattress
  • Breasley Salus Amelie Mattress
  • Breasley Salus Clara Mattress
  • Breasley Salus Juliette Mattress
  • Breasley Salus Lucille Mattress
  • Breasley Salus Nicole Mattress
  • Breasley Salus Valerie Mattress

The EcoBrease Collection

This modern and technically up to date collection offers you the Active with generous top layer memory foam and pocket springs which increase the airflow in the heart of the mattresses. Or consider the Essential for a firmer finish, made from recycled foam reclaimed from the manufacturing process.

Choose from:

  • EcoBrease Active-Flex Memory 1000
  • EcoBrease Active Memory 1000
  • EcoBrease Active 1000 Firm
  • EcoBrease Active 1000
  • EcoBrease Everyday Memory 1000
  • EcoBrease Everyday 1000
  • EcoBrease Essential Plus
  • EcoBrease Essential

The Uno E-Volve Sleep Collection

This collection has Uno Q-memory covers with individually wrapped springs with the following options:

  • Evolve Sleep Memory 4000
  • Evolve Sleep Memory 3000
  • Evolve Sleep Memory 2000 Firm
  • Evolve Sleep Comfort 4000
  • Evolve Sleep Comfort 3000
  • Evolve Sleep Comfort 2000 Firm

The Uno Exclusive Collection

This includes the Majestic Grand Hybrid mattresses which is one of the most luxurious within the Uno range and has a slightly firmer feel than the Exclusive Majestic.

With a layer of CoolMem Memory Foam quilted into the cover for a cool to touch feel, which helps aid your body’s natural sleep process of reaching its optimal sleeping temperature.

With an added sumptuous layer of Deluxe Memory Foam and 2000 mini springs, the feeling of luxury is enhanced by adapting to your body’s micro-pressure points.

This mattress offers those who like the comfort of a luxury mattress, but with a slightly firmer feel.

The Majestic, also in this range has a slightly softer feel compared to the Exclusive Majestic Grand.

The Zen Collection

The Uno Zen Lavender Sleep hybrid mattress has a quilted layer of calming lavender infused Memory Foam into the cover to help you relax faster while providing body hugging support.

With a layer of unique Adapti-Cool Foam your comfort is taken to the next level, with1000 mini springs that help contour to the shape of your body for micro pressure relieving support, and 2000 individually wrapped pocket springs that give outstanding levels of all over comfort.

The Zen Collection also includes Lavender Sleep and Lavender Cool.

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