Disposal of your old furniture

We recommend that for your convenience you do not dispose of your old furniture until you have a confirmed delivery date from us.

Local Council

Most local councils will have a disposal collection service.  This will normally be your most cost-effective paid option of disposal.  Please contact your local council.


Some charities such as the British Heart Foundation also have a collection service.

Please speak to your local charity options to see how your furniture may help someone in need.

Be aware that some furniture will need original Fire resistant notices and that soiled items may/will not be accepted.

Your Home Disposal Service

We operate a non-profit disposal service for customers within our local area. (20 mile radius of Newark).

The charges are as follows.

£60 for the first item, then £15 for each additional item. 

This covers all the transport, logistics and actual cost of proper disposal of the goods.


Bed and mattress- 2 items £75

2-seater sofa and 2 chairs – 2 items £75

Corner group sofa £75

Mattress only £60


NOTE: If you are experiencing difficulties in sourcing a disposal service for your old furniture, please contact us so that we can help you find a solution.

01636 859111