Highgrove Beds

At Your Home Furniture Bed Centre in Newark, we have 3 separate ranges from Highgrove Beds, one of the UK’s Leading bed manufacturers.  Each have an amazing choice of sizes of beds from Singles to Super King.

The choice of headboards covers an extensive range from fabric covered slatted headboards, to luxurious velvet buttoned floor standing headboards.

Highgrove Beds cover your needs for every stage of your life and lifestyle and while delivering exception style and quality they also consider your budget.

HG Beds by Highgrove  - is the entry level and is made in the UK to the same high quality standards.  This HG bed collection offers consumers the very best choice of sleep comfort and exceptional value.

This range includes a wide range of size, comfort, and base options, including Ottoman and sliding drawer storage.

All beds and headboards are available in a choice of fashionable colours to add that finishing touch to your bedroom.

Bed set prices from £428

Highgrove Beds – A well-established brand with a product development team who continue to work closely with their suppliers and customers to ensure that Highgrove products are at the forefront of sleep innovation.

Visit us in store to see their technology in action.

Bed set prices from £707

We have an amazing choice of Highgrove Mattresses in the Your Home Bed Centre:

A traditional hand-tufted mattress with luxury upholstery including a rich mix of Wool, Cotton, Silk and Cashmere.  This mattress is intended to be turned regularly.


Copper Sleep
The CopperSleep mattress from Highgrove is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory.  Find out more about the technology which incorporates the natural benefits of copper in the CopperSleep Matttress,  to offer you a comfortable night’s sleep.
ChiroGel 2000
This model has a luxurious stretch cover with unique EQ fibres which help maintain the optimum body temperature for quality sleep. ChiroGel contours and cushions the body offering pressure relieving comfort.
ChiroGel is manufactured with ecological end environmental principles and contains sustainable natural raw materials including a refreshing balm that helps cool the skin.  The pocket springs provide total support across the entire sleep surface to ensure correct spinal alignment.

Sanctum – The latest range from Highgrove Beds, Sanctum is an exciting new range combining traditional British craftsmanship with luxurious natural fillings and modern Pocket Spring technology.

The Sanctum range includes luxurious mattresses coupled with elegant, beautifully designed headboards in a wide choice of styles and fabrics.

Bed set prices from £1699

Try our  beds in store or call us to choose your options for your own bed set to include a divan base, a mattress, and a headboard.  All Divan beds come with optional storage.

 Highgrove Sanctum Divan Bed with Floor Standing Headboard


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