March Is National Bed Month

Why March is a Month of Celebration

March is the month that we see the first signs of Spring flowers pushing through the chilly ground; we are looking forward to British Summer Time arriving, and many other events, such as Mothering Sunday where we can celebrate the important women in our lives.

Easter, St David's Day, St Patricks Day among others, also give us a good reason to reflect on family, friends, and new beginnings.

National Bed Month is also observed in March every year throughout the U.K.

Some years ago, The Sleep Council U.K. and the National Bed Federation recognised the benefits of a good night’s sleep and decided to promote awareness of the importance of sleep.

Celebrate YOU during March
March is a positive month to be thinking about you and how you feel. Like food and water, sleep is an essential need for our every day life.

Sleeping well has many health benefits.   A good night’s sleep should provide our minds and bodies with rest, which both play an essential part in our health and wellbeing. The mattress you sleep on will play a big part in this.

When did you last treat yourself to a new mattress?
It is recommended that a mattress should be changed every 7 years or sooner if it is sagging or uncomfortable. Considering that we all spend at least one third of our lives in our beds, our mattress should be chosen with well-informed care.

Why you should always buy a good mattress

This quote might make us smile, but if you had a pair of shoes that hurt you each time you wore them you would probably exchange them for a new pair if you could.  The same rule should apply to the mattress on your bed.

You may already know that you need a new mattress but keep prioritising other things in your family or household.  Or you may not have considered that your mattress may be negatively contributing to the way you feel each morning.
Buying a New Mattress and Bed
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