Staingard Furniture Cover

Staingard Furniture Care Plans for your Fabric and Leather Upholstery

Everyday accidental spills and accidents are bound to happen, but don't worry about spoiling the appearance of your furniture.

Staingard Plus is a specialist upholstery insurance scheme protecting you from the costs of repairing your furniture. It starts the moment your furniture is delivered and covers you for five years.  Make sure you purchase your cover before your furniture has been delivered otherwise you will not be able to benefit from this Staingard Security Blanket.

Staingard offers not one but three increasingly comprehensive levels of protection. These Levels include Stains, Accidental Damage and even Structural Damage.

The cost of the cover also depends on how many seats are being covered and whether they are fabric or leather.

Level 1: Stains


Level 2 - Stains and Accidental Damage


Level 3 - Stains, Accidental Damage and Structural Damage

Possible stains like:


This covers:




Food and Drink.


Human and animal bodily fluids.




Shoe Polish.



Dyes & dye from newspapers or clothing (including denim).


Level 1 Stain Protection.






Dents & Chips.

Water, liquid, or heat marks.

Pet Damage.
(This is limited to 3 claims per period of insurance)


Both Level 1 & 2 protection.

Frame warpage & breakage.

Broken zips, castors, and buttons.

Bending and breaking of metal components.

Failure of recliner mechanisms including electrical motors and associated electric components.

Separation of seams and stitching.

Lifting or peeling of the hide on leather furniture.

Loss of resilience to foam and fibre interiors.

Fabric FROM £25

Leather N/A


Fabric FROM £35

Leather FROM £45


Fabric FROM £45

Leather FROM £49


If you do have an accident with your new furniture and it falls within your chosen level of protection, Staingard will resolve the matter at no extra cost. Call the Claim Line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

What's not covered by this policy?

  • Damage caused deliberately.
  • Staining or damage that's accumulated over time.
  • General wear and tear.
  • The effects of sunlight, wind, weather, rusting, radiation, building fire, smoke damage, flooding or corrosion.
  • Damage or staining caused by using the incorrect cleaning products or methods.
  • The removal of any odour even when caused by a stain.
  • Damage caused by any animal other than your pet(s) if you choose Level 2 or 3. No pet damage is covered with Level 1.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I already covered under my house insurance?
You may be covered if your policy includes accidental cover. However, you will have to pay the excess, and your premium may increase.

What happens if a stain cannot be removed?
In those instances, if a stain cannot be removed, part or all the furniture can be replaced.

Can I call if my sofa is dirty and needs cleaning?
Staingard does not cover you for general maintenance. It only protects you in the event of accidental damage or staining.

Are there any additional costs involved?
No, there are no extra costs. Staingard covers everything, including call-out fees for our specialist team or replacement parts.

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